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Strategic Initiatives

Vision Statement

Three Rivers College will be the preeminent, cutting-edge community of learners with a student-first focus, and will operate as a vibrant, dynamic catalyst for the creation of opportunities that foster learning and student success.

Strategic Initiatives

The strategic planning steering committee, made up of Three Rivers faculty, staff, administrators, and one student, developed the above vision for Three Rivers College. Next, the group decided on the following strategic themes needed to reach that vision, along with initiatives and strategies for each theme.

Theme:   Learning
Initiative:   The college will invest in our learners, faculty, staff, and community to provide exemplary learning opportunities.
Strategies:   • Equip students with life skills for a global economy.
• Provide professional development opportunities for employees.
• Develop a culture of assessment.
• Assess academic programs for global competitiveness.
• Instill in our students the desire for Lifelong Learning.
• Infuse diversity awareness into the curriculum.

Theme:   Partnerships
Initiative:   The college will build innovative partnerships with business, industry, education, government, and community groups.
Strategies:   • Assist businesses to develop a globally competitive workforce.
• Promote a seamless transition for K-12 schools.
• Enhance transferability with our post-secondary partners.
• Encourage college involvement with community groups.
• Increase awareness of college needs with governmental entities.

Theme:   Resources
Initiative:   The college will seek adequate resources to fulfill its mission.
Strategies:   • Seek need-based professional develop opportunities for employees.
• Enhance students' collegial experiences.
• Seek and maintain campus facilities.
• Develop short and long-term plans for technology infrastructure.
• Obtain alternate funding sources through a variety of sources.
• Build the college through collaborative partnerships.

Theme:   Technology
Initiative:   The college will develop, expand, implement and refine its use of technology.
Strategies:   • Expand off campus and online programs.
• Provide online services to enhance students, faculty and staff.
• Implement new technologies as they emerge.
• Utilize technology to streamline administrative processes.
• Upgrade equipment based on a defined schedule of need.

Theme:   Leadership
Initiative:   The college will invest in its students, faculty, staff, and administration to develop innovative and visionary leaders.
Strategies:   • Recruit a diverse workforce.
• Celebrate achievements, excellence and best practices.
• Modernize techniques for employee evaluation and recognition.
• Provide professional leadership development opportunities.
• Develop a sense of community through collaboration.

Theme:   Culture
Initiative:   The college will create an atmosphere of harmony, success, and excellence by embracing its climate and traditions.
Strategies:   • Increase communication within the college community.
• Increase diversity.
• Create a coherent college image.
• Identify what it means to be a Three Rivers student or employee.
• Recognize the value of other cultures.
• Develop sustaining traditions.

Theme:   Communication
Initiative:   The college will enhance communications to internal and external constituents.
Strategies:   • Increase avenues of communication.
• Increase outreach to potential students.
• Inform current students of available activities and programs.
• Promote the college to external community.
• Strengthen relationships with college alumni.
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