Getting Started Checklist
Getting started at Three Rivers has never been easier. Follow these simple steps to begin your path to success.

1. New Student Packet
All the materials you will need to get started at Three Rivers can be found on this checklist or if you prefer a paper copy you may request a packet to be mail to you using the online request form or by calling the Welcome Center at 573-840-9605.

2. Application for Admission
Complete the Application for Admission using the convenient online form.

3. Financial Aid
If you need financial assistance to help cover the cost of your education, contact the Financial Aid office to complete your FAFSA and print the scholarship application. To ensure processing of financial aid and avoid cancellation of classes or paying for classes out of pocket, a complete FAFSA must be on file by:
Fall - July 15
Spring - November 15
Summer - April 15

Required items:
a) High school transcripts are required by the federal government for any student planning to receive federal aid.
b) Income Tax form or other proof of income may be required for grant aid.
c) Student must be accepted into a program of study in order to receive Financial Aid.
d) TRANSFER STUDENTS: Students are required to maintain Satisfactory Academic Progress to continue to receive aid. Because of this, Financial Aid requires students to submit official college transcripts from all institutions attended to the Enrollment Services Office.

4. Placement Test
New students are required to complete a placement exam prior to advisement. If you have not taken the ACT or COMPASS in the last two years, you will need to schedule the COMPASS exam. Results of the test are not used for admission to the college, but rather to assist advisors in placing you in classes where you will be most successful. To sign-up for the COMPASS exam register online.

Required items:
a) Picture ID.
b) Approximately 2 hours of your time.

5. New Student Registration/Orientation (ROCS)
All new students are required to sign up for a New Student Registration and Orientation for College Success (ROCS) Session or meet with a Center Coordinator before registering for classes. ROCS Sessions are located in the Bess Student Center on the main Poplar Bluff campus, or Coordinators can be found at one of the Three Rivers centers. To schedule to attend a ROCS Session, fill out the online form or contact the Welcome Center at 573-840-9605.

Required items:
a) Students must have completed an Application for Admission to Three Rivers College.
b) Placement, ACT, or COMPASS scores on file with Three Rivers College.
c) TRANSFER, VISITING, or NON-DEGREE STUDENTS: If you plan to register for a course that requires a pre-requisite that you have taken at a previous institution, please be prepared to show evidence (i.e. grade report or transcript) that you have successfully completed the pre-requisite.

6. Billing/Tuition
The schedule provided at the time of registration includes the cost of tuition. The tuition must be paid by the date printed on the schedule. Cancellation and/or late charge will occur if the bill is not paid on-time. Financial Aid can be used for payment of the tuition only when an award notice has been received by the college.

7. Student ID/RaiderOneCard
All Three Rivers students need to have an official Three Rivers ID card, known as the RaiderOneCard. The RaiderOneCard double as a debit card on which Financial Aid and other school refunds are deposited. A valid Three Rivers ID card is be used for the following:
  • Pick-up rental textbooks at The College Store.
  • Check out books/materials at the Rutland Library.
  • Identification for scholarships/financial aid checks from the Student Accounts Office.
  • Free admission to all regular Raider home games (tournament games excluded).
  • Admission to Three Rivers campus activities.
  • Discounts at participating local merchants.
8. Drop/Add
A few days are provided at the beginning of each semester to allow students an opportunity to adjust their schedules.

9. Withdraw
It is important for a student to be aware that withdrawing from a course or the program should be done with deliberation. Course withdraw forms are available from the Student Services Department in the Bess Student Center. If you wish to stop attending all your Three Rivers courses a College withdraw form is needed. College withdraw forms are initiated from the Student Services Department. Refunds are not provided to students who fail to attend class, who do not complete an official withdraw form, or withdrew after the first two weeks of class.
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