Financial Aid
Financial Aid FAQs
1. What kind of financial aid is available? How do I apply? Is it too late to apply for financial aid, Pell Grant and scholarships? Can I receive more than one type of aid? Can adult students apply for aid?
The types of financial aid available at Three Rivers include Pell Grant, College Work Study, Scholarships, A+, Student Loans, and Veteran Benefits. Complete your Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) on line as soon as possible. If you need assistance, please visit any location of Three Rivers College. Pell Grant eligibility is determined by Federal Student Aid (FSA) guidelines. You can receive both Pell Grant and scholarships. ALL students are encouraged to apply for financial aid. Check out the Three Rivers website, call, or stop by any location of Three Rivers for more information about "free money". Watch bulletin boards for the latest scholarship and financial aid information.

2. I've already completed my FAFSA, and will receive a Pell Grant. When will Pell Grants be paid to my account? When will I receive my student aid refund?
Three Rivers tries to disburse aid by the fifth week of the semester. After your account balance is paid, you may be eligible to receive any remaining funds. Federal aid (Pell Grants, Loans, SEOG, etc.) is applied first, followed by state and local aid.

3. I need more financial help. What about student loans?
You may be eligible for a student Direct Loan. Contact any location of Three Rivers College to obtain a Student Loan Data Sheet and find out more about the student loan process. IMPORTANT: you must have a completed FAFSA on file at Three Rivers before your student loan can be processed. Remember, a student loan is not "free money" like a Pell Grant; it must be repaid.

4. I qualify for the A+ program. What do I do about Pell Grant and scholarships?
For more questions about the A+ program, contact the Financial Aid Advisor at 573-840-9606. If you have not already done so, you must contact the office to sign up for the A+ program at Three Rivers. IMPORTANT: please remember you must have your FAFSA on file at Three Rivers and you’re A+ stamped high school transcript to receive A+ benefits. Also, if you add or drop a class you must contact the Financial Aid Advisor in the Financial Aid Office.

5. What happens to my financial aid if I drop classes?
IMPORTANT: Please contact any location of Three Rivers College to find out BEFORE you make a decision to drop a class or classes. Your Pell Grant and veterans benefits will be reduced if you drop below full-time status (12 credit hours).

6. I want to know more about the work-study program. How do I qualify?
You must apply for Federal Financial Aid through the FAFSA to find out if you qualify for the work-study program. If you are eligible, you can apply for a job both on and off campus. Work-study jobs pay minimum wage and you are limited to 10-15 hours per week. Information about work-study job openings is posted on the Job Placement bulletin board located in the Westover Administration Building on the first floor across from the Welcome Center as well as the work study page. Once you are hired for a position, contact financial aid for assistance in completing your paperwork.

7. I receive private scholarships. What do I need to do to get the funds?
Follow the instructions on your award letter. If you have not already done so, bring or send a copy of your award information to the Three Rivers Financial Aid Office so we can record it. Make sure you put your full name and student ID on every document. If needed, we will send verification of your enrollment to the donor and request scholarship funds. IMPORTANT: for security reasons, please refrain from using your Social Security Number.

8. Can I receive financial aid if I take classes off-campus?
Yes, you may take Three Rivers classes at any location(s). Financial aid awards like Pell Grant, scholarships, A+ and veterans benefits are based on total hours enrolled, not the location of the classes.
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