Testing Services

In keeping with the mission of the college, Testing Services helps support the institutional mission of Three Rivers College by promoting the intellectual growth of students and members of the community outside the formal setting of regular course work. We provide high quality testing and assessment services and adhere to NCTA’s Professional Standards and Guidelines, in order to meet the growing needs of our students, faculty, administration and community. Within this framework, the Testing Services strives to:
  • Provide a public service by offering computer-based and/or paper-pencil testing services;
  • Provide a facility conducive to a quality testing environment which will be clean, comfortable, quiet, aesthetically pleasing and user-friendly;
  • Provide outstanding customer service by being friendly, courteous, responsible, informative, accurate and supportive;
  • Provide assistance to various campus offices in helping students meet their needs for different programs; and
  • Collaborate with our faculty and administrators, other colleges and universities, testing companies, and national organizations to keep abreast of the most recent changes in all aspects of our testing services.
The Testing and Assessment Center is located in the first floor of the Westover Administration Building on the Poplar Bluff campus. The Center administers a number of different tests ranging from the COMPASS placement assessment for new students to the HiSET exam for those looking to complete their high school equivalency. A brief description of the testing services offered by the Testing and Assessment Center are listed below.

For test applications, registration, and other information, students should contact the office of Testing and Assessment at 573-840-9667.

Allied Health Programs - TEAS V for AH

Payment Process:
PAY FOR EXAM (includes proctor fee) HERE: Three Rivers Test Registration

Test of Essential Academic Skills V for Allied Health (TEAS V for AH) is a computer-based exam that is required for admission into the Medical Laboratory Technology (MLT) Program, Surgical Technology, and the Paramedic programs. This is a computer based diagnostic instrument that assists health occupations education programs to evaluate academic aptitude, learning styles, and test taking skills of new applicants to their programs. The TEAS V for AH is a four-part assessment with subtests in reading (28%), mathematics (20%), science (32%), and English and language usage (20%). Official score reports are available immediately after the test administration. The total testing time is four hours. Testing fee is $75. Follow the link above.

For more information, click here.

CLEP Exams

Payment Process:
PAY PROCTOR FEE HERE: Three Rivers Proctor Fee

The College Level Examination Program (CLEP) is a series of exams students can take to earn college-equivalent credit. Three Rivers offers a number of different exams for credit. Please consult the college catalog for a list of current CLEP-eligible subject exams. CLEP is given on computer by appointment only. This is a 1.5 hour exam. All CLEP exam fees are $80 each and must be made by the candidate online through the CLEP Account Portal link above. Candidates must also pay the proctor fee prior to scheduling the appointment.

Registration is not complete until both fees have been paid.

Proctored Correspondence Exams

Payment Process:
PAY PROCTOR FEE HERE: Three Rivers Proctor Fee

Proctored correspondence exams for other institutions are done through the Testing Services by appointment only. Candidates must pay the proctor fee prior to scheduling the appointment.

Entrance/Placement Exams

REGISTER HERE: Three Rivers Testing Registration

Accuplacer placement exams are designed to test your current knowledge in writing an essay, reading comprehension and math skills. These exams are adaptive and help identify your strengths and limitations in each subject area. The reading and math exams are untimed, but the writing test allows 50 minutes to write an essay. These exams are computer delivered at any of Three Rivers’ locations. After the first attempt a charge of $10 per section (up to 3 sections total) will be implemented. With proof of remediation the second attempt will be free.

It is highly recommended to download and use the FREE Accuplacer Study App in the iPhone/Smartphone store or the free web version.

A student ID# is needed, so a Three Rivers’ application MUST be completed in order to take this exam. Click the link above to schedule an exam.

For more information, practice exams and sample questions go to Accuplacer Information.

Three Rivers will NOT send Accuplacer scores to another institution, nor accept Accuplacer scores from another institution. Other institutions may set up the candidate for a remote test and use Three Rivers as the test location. A proctor fee will be required prior to testing for another institution. If a student is planning on attending Three Rivers outside our service area please contact Testing Services at 573-840-9667 for more information.

AVAILABLE AT EXTERNAL LOCATIONS ONLY (until November 30, 2016). The COMPASS test is an untimed examination taken on computer at Three Rivers’ external locations. You will need your Social Security number to take this test. You do not need computer skills to take the test; it is extremely user-friendly and is less stressful than traditional paper and pencil exams. The COMPASS is designed to measure current skills in writing, reading and math; the results are used to select appropriate levels of the English and Math courses you will take. Testing time varies. Note: A candidate can only take the COMPASS test once every 30 days. Any attempts after the first, within a 30-day period, will not be recognized. Picture ID is required. To schedule an exam click the link above and complete the registration page.

For more information, go to Compass sample questions.

It is highly recommended that prior to taking the test you visit the COMPASS test preparation page, where you will find sample questions to help you know what to expect on each test, as well as tips and strategies to help you do your best on test day.

HESI LPN-ADN Entrance Exam (LPN-RN Bridge Program)

Payment Process:
PAY PROCTOR FEE HERE: Three Rivers Proctor Fee

LPN-ADN Bridge candidates receiving the minimum score requirement on the NLN/PAX exam will be given information on where and how to register for the bridge exam.

The HESI LPN-ADN Entrance Exam is a 75-item comprehensive exam designed to be used as an exam for currently Licensed Practical/Vocational nurses seeking entrance into an Associate Degree Nursing (ADN) program. The exam identifies strengths in PN/VN content areas, and the possible need for remediation prior to entrance into an ADN program.
  • Measures competencies across PN/VN content areas, including:
    • Fundamentals • Pediatric Nursing
    • Maternity • Professional Issues
    • Medical-Surgical • Psychiatric/Mental Illness
LPN-RN Bridge candidates receiving the minimum score requirement on the NLN/PAX exam will be given information on where and how to register for the bridge exam. Three Rivers Nursing Department will make contact with information about registering, paying – test and proctoring fee, along with the payment code needed to access the account.

Application deadlines for the LPN-RN Bridge, Day Program, Poplar Bluff and LPN-RN Bridge Program, Sikeston, are September 1st each year.
Application deadline for the LPN-RN Bridge Evening Program, Poplar Bluff, is March 1st each year

Registration is not complete until both the exam and proctoring fees have been paid at least 2 days prior to test the date.

HiSET Exam

Payment Process:

The HiSET® exam is replacing the GED exam in Missouri. The HiSET exam is a comprehensive online high school equivalent test. The HiSET exam will be accepted anywhere across the country. The cost for the exam is $60 for the first attempt and two free retests. Additional fee will be $7 per subject per attempt. The entire exam must be completed within a 12-month period. The entire exam or any number of individual subject areas may be taken in one sitting, but only three attempts in a calendar year are allowed. Scores will print immediately except for the writing portion. Test times are as follows: Writing part 1 - 75 minutes, Writing Part 2 - 45 minutes, Math - 90 minutes, Science - 80 minutes, Social Studies - 70 minutes and Reading - 65 minutes.

To acquire your official transcript click here. You will be required to enter the last four of your Social Security Number, date of birth, full last name and first initial of your first name. This is the only way to access an official copy. Employers and high education institutions also go to this site with the above mentioned information to confirm your qualifications.

MEGA Exams

Payment Process:

The Missouri Gateway Educator Assessments is for Missouri educator certification candidates. These exam(s) are for students who have completed the 4th year of their education degree and need to be certified to teach. Candidates seeking educator certification in Missouri are required to achieve a passing score on the appropriate Missouri Content Assessment(s).

Students taking this test do not pay the Three Rivers proctoring fee.

Miller Analogies Test (MAT)

Payment Process:
PAY FOR EXAM AND PROCTORING FEE HERE: Three Rivers Test Registration

The Miller Analogies Test (MAT) is a high-level test of analytical ability that requires the solution of problems stated as analogies. The MAT consists of 120 partial analogies that are to be completed in 60 minutes. The exam measures your ability to recognize relationships between ideas, your fluency in the English language, and your general knowledge of the humanities, natural sciences, mathematics, and social sciences. This is an entrance exam for graduate schools for students seeking to complete a master's degree. Please contact your school on acceptance of this exam and the required passing score. Testing fee is $80 and payment is required prior to scheduling the appointment. Contact Testing Services at 573-840-9667. For more information go to Millers Analogy Test (MAT).

MoGEA Exam

Payment Process:
PAY EXAM FEE HERE: Missouri Gateway Educator Assessments (MoGEA)
PAY PROCTOR FEE HERE: Three Rivers Proctor Fee

The MoGEA (Missouri General Education Assessment) is required of all education majors planning on attending a 4-year institution in the state of Missouri. You will be tested over Essay, English, Math, Science and Social Studies. Scoring is immediate, except for the essay. The option to take the entire exam in one sitting is approximately 5 ½ hours, retesting is 1-hour per subject. The entire exam can only be taken one time. After the first attempt only subtests may be taken.

Cost for the MoGEA exam will be $49 for the entire test (entire test can only be taken once) with a separate proctoring fee, for a total cost of $69. Re-testers must pay a $25 test fee (per subject) and a separate proctoring fee (per test day). Seating is limited.

Registration is not complete until both fees have been paid at least 2 days prior to test the date.

National League for Nursing Entrance Exam (NLN/PAX)

Payment Process:
PAY PROCTOR FEE HERE: Three Rivers Proctor Fee

Candidates interested in applying for the nursing program must take this exam and score a minimum of 110 to be eligible for the program. Testing is not required prior to registration deadlines, but it is encouraged. REGISTRATION IS NOT COMPLETE UNTIL BOTH THE EXAM AND PROCTORING FEES HAVE BEEN PAID AT LEAST 2-DAYS PRIOR TO TEST DATE. To schedule and pay the Three Rivers proctoring fee click the link above.

For more information and to pay for the NLN/PAX exam, go to NLN Entrance Exam.

Registration is not complete until both fees have been paid at least 2 days prior to test the date.

Paraprofessional Exam

Payment Process:
PAY EXAM FEE HERE: Missouri Gateway Educator Assessments - Paraprofessional Exam
PAY PROCTOR FEE HERE: Three Rivers Proctor Fee

Education candidates with fewer than 60 semester hours and seeking a Paraprofessional position to work in Special Education and/or Title I settings in Missouri must achieve a passing score on the Paraprofessional test. The test measures competencies in English language arts and basic mathematics skills for practicing and prospective paraprofessionals. Seating is limited.

Registration is not complete until both the exam and proctoring fees have been paid at least 2 days prior to test the date.

Pearson Vue Certifications Exams

Payment Process: Please visit individual websites for more information.
Child Development Associate (CDA)
Missouri Agriculture
Emergency Medical Technician/ Paramedic

Three Rivers is expanding certification opportunities. Check back often for additions to the list of exams.

Candidates taking Pearson Vue exams are not required to pay the Three Rivers proctoring fee.

Technical Skills Assessment (TSA)

Payment Process:

REGISTER HERE: Three Rivers Testing Registration

The TSA exam is a program-specific assessment for Associate of Applied Science (AAS) degrees. This is a 3 ½ hour online exam that assesses knowledge gained from your degree program. It must be taken in the last semester before graduation. High scores receive a certification certificate usable to assist with employment in your field of study. Degree programs required to take this exam are Accounting, Agribusiness, Business Management, Early Childhood Development, Forestry and IST: Executive, Legal, Medical, Medical Billing and Coding and Microcomputer options. Students must apply for graduation before registering for this exam.

To schedule an appointment, click the link above and complete the registration. A reminder email will be sent to your Three Rivers email approximately one week prior to testing. For more information about the tests go to TSA Exams.

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