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Academic Standards
Academic Load
The normal academic load for a student in a semester is 15 or 16 semester hours credit, exclusive of physical education and musical groups. Students with considerable responsibilities in addition to their college work are strongly advised to carry a reduced course load. Students who wish to take more than 21 credit hours during a specific term must possess a 3.0 GPA and petition the Chair of the department housing their program.

Grading System
The grades A, B, C, D, F and CR are employed to evaluate the quality of a student's work. They are defined as follows:

Grade Quality Credits
A Excellent 4
B Above Average 3
C Average 2
D Below Average 1
F Failing 0
CR Credit, no grade
There are certain non-credit marks which are also issued by instructors. They are as follows:
Non-Credit Explanation
W Withdrawn
AUD Audit
I Incomplete
NP No Pass

Academic Standing
Three Rivers expects students to fully participate in instructional activities in order to have successful learning experiences. While students achieve at different levels, all Three Rivers students are expected to make satisfactory academic progress.

A cumulative grade point average (GPA) of 2.0 is required for graduation and is considered by Three Rivers as good academic standing. The following criteria are used to determine academic standing status:

Total Credit Hours Attempted GPA Required
0 - 15 1.50
16 - 30 1.70
31 - 44 1.90
45+ 2.00

Academic Warning
A student whose cumulative GPA is less than the required minimum GPA for the number of hours attempted will be placed on Academic Warning. A student on Academic Warning is required to meet with an advisor to review their educational plan, and may be required to reduce their credit load.

Academic Suspension
If a student fails to meet satisfactory academic progress at the end of their warning period, they will be placed on Academic Suspension. A student on Academic Suspension is unable to register for coursework at Three Rivers for one academic semester. (Excludes Winter and Summer sessions.) After sitting out a semester, the student regains eligibility to register for courses; however, said student will once again be placed on Academic Warning. Students have the right to apply for an override of their Academic Suspension to the Student Standing Committee.

Academic Suspension Override Request Process
  1. Students have the right to request an override his/her suspension by completing the Suspension Override Request Form.
  2. Students must submit their request to the Financial Aid office 2 weeks before the start of the term to allow sufficient time for the committees to review prior to classes beginning.
  3. Required Documentation
    • Completed Suspension Override Request Form.
    • Typed summary answering the following questions:
      • What extenuating circumstances prohibited you from meeting Satisfactory Academic Progress?
      • What changes have occurred that will enable you to meet Satisfactory Academic Progress?
    • Supporting documentation that verifies the circumstances referenced in the request.
  4. The Student Standing Committee will review the requests regarding academic suspension. Exceptions to the college's SAP policies are not made lightly and will generally be considered only for extenuating circumstances. Decisions are based upon an individual's extenuating circumstances, supporting documentation, and the student's academic history. The request must be completed and the required documentation attached before the request for an override will be considered. Failure to provide all requested documentation will result in the request not being reviewed.
  5. The Registrar will notify the student via email of committee’s decision.
  6. Students who are granted an override of their Academic Suspension are placed on probation and required to meet with an advisor to evaluate their educational plan. Students may be required to reduce course load, eliminate online course work, or repeat failed course work.
  7. Students who are denied an override of their Academic Suspension and are pre-registered for classes will be dropped from all classes.
The decisions regarding Financial Aid Suspension and Academic Suspension are separate processes. A student can be approved by one committee but denied by the other. If an academic suspension is overridden but the financial aid request is denied, the student will need to pay by other means until the student regains satisfactory progress.

Academic Fresh Start
Three Rivers College is committed to providing students with a second chance at college success. To that end, a student who has not attended an institution of higher learning for at least three years can apply for the Three Rivers College Academic Fresh Start Program upon re-enrollment.

Requirements for Academic Fresh Start are as follows:
  • The student must not have attended an institution of higher learning for at least three years.
  • The student must complete an Academic Fresh Start form.
  • The student must complete twelve credit hours of coursework for which a letter grade is earned over two consecutive semesters, not counting summer.
  • The student must achieve satisfactory academic progress (as described in the Academic Standing section of this page) in their twelve hours of coursework.
Conditions of Academic Fresh Start:
  • Academic Fresh Start will only be granted once.
  • Federal Student Aid Program regulations do not exclude prior academic credit when evaluating student eligibility. Grades excluded from a student’s GPA at Three Rivers as a result of Academic Fresh Start are still applicable to the calculation of financial aid academic standards. However, this may be noted in the Suspension Override Request process.
  • Academic Fresh Start is a Three Rivers College-exclusive procedure and only applies to coursework completed at Three Rivers.
  • Academic Fresh Start may not be recognized by other institutions upon transfer.
  • Academic Fresh Start has no impact on balances due to the college, or the availability of federal and/or state financial aid.
If the above requirements are met, the student’s permanent record will be marked with the date that Academic Fresh Start was started, and all courses the student failed to successfully complete prior to that date will be removed from their GPA. All coursework and letter grades shall remain recorded on the transcript.

Students are reminded the best way to improve a grade point average is to repeat classes in which a D or F grade was earned.

Academic Fresh Start is a Three Rivers procedure/policy and may not be recognized by another college upon transfer.
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