Application for Admission
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Section I: Personal Information

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Are you a citizen of the United States? *      
Providing the following information is optional, and will in no way affect your application status.

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Are you Hispanic/Latino?
Section II: Enrollment Information

Select the Degree/Program of Study you wish to enroll in (select only ONE option from the following drop-down menus): *
Section III: Student Status Information

Are you a resident of one of the following School Districts: Clearwater R-I, Doniphan R-I, East Carter Co. R-II, Greenville R-II, Naylor R-II, Neelyville R-IV, Poplar Bluff R-I, Ripley Co. R-III, Ripley Co. R-IV, Twin Rivers R-X, Van Buren R-I? *      
Has either parent earned a Bachelor's degree? *      
Do you plan to apply for financial assistance? *      
Do you plan to apply for veteran's benefits? *      
Are you a dislocated worker? *            If "Yes," will you be using:         
Marital Status:      
Do you live:      
Will you attend Three Rivers: *      
Section IV: High School Information

Answer one of the following: *
Have you taken the ACT Exam? *      
Section V: Colleges & Universities

Applicants MUST list all institutions of higher education. Submission of official transcripts is required prior to registration. *

Are you on academic suspension from any college or university?      
Have you ever been disciplined at a college or university?      
Section VI: Criminal Background

PLEASE NOTE! Any applicant who fails to list all criminal offenses on the college application shall be denied admission. Admitted students who are identified as having submitted a falsified application with respect to his or her criminal history, shall be expelled. Criminal history review requires application to be submitted at least 30 days prior to desired start term.

Have you ever been charged with, pleaded guilty, or been convicted of a felony? *      

Federal law requires sex offenders already required to register in a state to provide notice to each institution of higher education in that state at which the person is employed, carries a vocation, or is a student.

Are you required by law to notify this institution of higher education of your sex offender status? *      

Section VII: Tuberculosis Screening

The State of Missouri requires us to collect the following Tuberculosis Screening information.

Have you ever had close contact with persons known or suspected to have active TB disease? *      

Were you born in one of the countries listed here that have a high incidence of active TB disease? *      

Have you had frequent or prolonged visits to one or more of any of the countries listed here? *      

Have you been a resident and/or employee of high-risk congregate settings (e.g., correctional facilities, long-term care facilities, homeless shelters)? *      

Have you been a volunteer or health-care worker who served clients who are at increased risk for active TB disease? *      

Have you ever been a member of any of the following groups that may have an increased incidence of latent M. tuberculosis infection or active TB disease: medically underserved, low-income, or abusing drugs or alcohol? *      

If you answered YES to any of these questions, Three Rivers College requires that you receive tuberculosis testing before it will process your Application for Admission. Download the complete Tuberculosis Screening Form (PDF), fill out Part I, and take it to a health care professional who should complete Parts II and III.

If you answered NO to all of these questions, no further testing or action is required.
Section VIII: Admissions Policy

Three Rivers has an open-door admissions policy; welcoming applications for admission from any person who has a high school diploma, its equivalent, or is 18 years of age, and is able to benefit from a program may be admitted to Three Rivers as a curricular or non-curricular student. Three Rivers is an equal opportunity affirmative action institution and does not discriminate against any student on the basis of race, color, sex, religion, age, disability, national origin, or legal political affiliation or membership. The College evaluates special cases for acceptance.

Pursuant to Missouri State Statute 174.130, Three Rivers will not knowingly admit any aliens unlawfully present in the United States. Proof of legal residency may be required at the time of application.

Do you have a physical or mental impairment that substantially limits one or more major life activities, (ie, seeing, hearing, speaking, walking, learning, working)?      

Persons with a disability could qualify for accommodations and should contact the Student Success division for services available.
Section IX: Computer Network/Internet Acceptable Use Policy

Three Rivers requires that all students, faculty and staff fully comply with the Computer Network and Internet Acceptable Use Policy regarding their use of college computer equipment, local and wide-area networks and Internet services. A copy of the complete policy can be found here. By signing this admission application, you agree to comply with the terms of this policy and agree to review this policy each semester and agree with any changes or revisions.

  By checking this box I agree to comply with the Acceptable Use Policy. *
Section X: Submission

I understand that Three Rivers will release my enrollment information to the National Student Clearinghouse and federal and state agencies.

I hereby certify that, to the best of my knowledge, the preceding information is true and complete without evasion or misrepresentation. I understand that if it is later found to be otherwise, it is sufficient cause for rejection or dismissal.

  By checking this box I verify that I have read and agree to the above statements. *

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