Financial Aid
Tuition & Fees
- Three Rivers District** Residents: $96 per credit hour
- Out-of-District Missouri*** Residents: $140 per credit hour
- Out-of-State**** Residents: $178 per credit hour
* Tuition and fees are subject to change without notice on the Three Rivers College website.
** In-District includes the Three Rivers Taxing District of the school districts of Poplar Bluff R-I, Neelyville R-IV, Twin Rivers R-X, Van Buren R-I, Doniphan R-I, Naylor R-II, East Carter R-II, Ripley County R-III, Ripley County R-IV, Clearwater R-I, and Greenville R-II.
*** Out-of-District includes all persons residing within the State of Missouri and in school districts other than those listed above.
Additionally, persons residing in the counties of Fulton, Sharp, Randolph, Clay, Greene, Craighead, and Mississippi counties in Arkansas; persons residing in the counties of Lake and Dyer in Tennessee; persons residing in the counties of Ballard, Carlisle, Hickman, and Fulton in the state of Kentucky, and persons residing in the counties of Union and Alexander in the state of Illinois will be assessed the TRC out-of-district tuition rate.

**** Out-of-State includes all persons residing outside the State of Missouri, excluding the counties listed above.

Common Fees
- Common Fees: $41/credit hour

Institutional Fees
- Calculator Rental Fee: $30
- Textbook Rental Fee: $45+ per book
- Transcript Fee: $6
- Distance Learning Fees: $20/credit hour††
Institutional Fees are those fees necessary to cover the operational cost of providing specific services for the student.
††Distance Learning Fees are charged for every section taught on the web or over ITV.

Other fees may apply. Credit hour fees are multiplied by the number of credit hours per course and fixed fees are flat fees assigned to the respective courses. For a complete list of fees, click here.

Tuition Plan: FY2016-FY2020
This information is provided to allow future financial planning for academic success. The tables indicate the amount of increase in tuition allowable per year with the subsequent table below defining how this would affect the rate of tuition at Three Rivers College. Please note that these are projections based upon allowable guidelines and do not represent actual set rates at this time, but rather the potential rates of tuition offered at Three Rivers College. The information in the Five-Year Tuition Plan Proposal was approved by the Three Rivers College Board of Trustees on March 25, 2015.

Total Increases
FY16 FY17 FY18 FY19 FY20
In-District $7 $4 $3 $4 $4
Out-of-District $11 $6 $5 $6 $6
Out-of-State $14 $8 $6 $8 $8
Common Fee $7 $4 $4 $4 $5

FY16 FY17 FY18 FY19 FY20
In-District $85 $89 $92 $96 $100
Out-of-District $134 $140 $145 $151 $157
Out-of-State $170 $178 $184 $192 $200
Common Fee $29 $33 $37 $41 $46

Cost of Attendance

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