Guided Self-Placement Questionnaire

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Section I: Personal Information

Do you plan to transfer to a 4-year university?

Section II: English

1. Are you comfortable reading textbooks?

2. Do you understand and learn from what you read in textbooks?

3. Are you comfortable reading novels?

4. Are you comfortable writing essays?

5. Most of your college instructors expect you to make clear arguments both in written and verbal forms and to prove these claims with appropriate evidence. Your English instructors will help you develop these skills, but incoming students are expected to know how to recognize an argument.

Read the three sentences and decide which seems to be the clearest thesis statement. Then answer the question below.

  1. The population of the United states grew faster in the 1990s than in any previous decade.
  2. The population of the United States grew faster in the 1990s than in any previous decade because Congress increased the level of legal immigration and the government stopped enforcing most laws against illegal immigration in the interior of the country.
  3. Allowing a high rate of immigration helps the United States deal with the problems of an increasingly aging society and helps provide funding for millions of Social Security recipients.

How confident are you to recognize that example 3 is the best thesis statement for a college-level argumentative paper while the others shown are weak examples?

6. How many multi-page research papers with proper citations did your high school classes require you to write?

7. This essay represents a standard ENGL 111 College Writing assignment. Read it carefully and choose the response that most accurately demonstrates how you would react to this assignment.

Formal Causal Argument: Identify a significant change in human behavior over a period of months or years. For example, you might think about the increased popularity of reality television, the drop in homicide levels, or the increasing level of childhood obesity. Determine the time span of the trend and analyze the possible causes of the trend, arguing for the ones you think are most likely the true causes. Remember that providing facts is not the same thing as establishing causes, even though facts can help support your causal analysis. Begin by doing some research, then create a formal outline with a working thesis, a rough draft, and a final draft of at least four pages with at least three scholarly sources.

8. The following passage comes from an ENGL 111 College Writing textbook. Read it carefully and answer the question below.

There are environmental impacts to consider when large parts of land are paved to create a parking lot. The impervious surface of a parking lot accumulates pollutants, according to Bernie Engel, a professor of agricultural engineering at Purdue. Along with dust and dirt, heavy metals in the air like mercury, copper and lead settle into the lot’s surface in a process called dry deposition. These particles come from all kinds of diffuse sources, such as industry smokestacks, automobiles and even home gas water heaters.

“If they were naturally settling on a tree or grass, they would wash off those and into the soil, and the soil would hold them in place, so they wouldn’t get into the local stream, lake or river,” Engel says.

This passage is typical of college reading expectations. Based on your reading of this passage, which of the following statements best describes you?

Section III: Reading

This is a sample passage from Chemistry Atoms First, 2nd Ed. by Burdge and Overby (page 47):

The Mole

If you're buying bagels for yourself, you probably buy them individually, but if you're buying them for everyone in your chemistry class, you will probably want to buy them by the dozen. One dozen bagels contains exactly 12 bagels. In fact, a dozen of anything contains exactly 12 of that thing. Pencils typically come 12 to a box, and 12 such boxes may be shipped to the campus bookstore in a bigger box. The bigger box contains one gross of pencils (144). Whether a dozen or a gross, each is a convenient quantity that contains a reasonable, specific, exact number of items.

Chemists, too, have adopted such a number to make it easy to express the number of atoms in a typical macroscopic sample of matter. Atoms are so much smaller than bagels or pencils, though, that the number used by chemists is significantly bigger than a dozen or a gross. The quantity used by chemists is the mole (mol), which is defined as the amount of a substance that contains as much elementary entities (atoms, for example) as there are atoms in exactly 0.012 kg (12 g) of carbon-12. The number of atoms in exactly 12 g of carbon-12, which is determined experimentally, is known as Avogadro's number (NA), in honor of Italian scientist Amedeo Avogadro (1776-1856). The currently accepted value of Avogadro's number is 6.0221418 x 1023, although we usually round it to 6.022 x 1023. Thus, a dozen doughnut contains 12 doughnuts; a gross of pencils contains 144 pencils; and a mole of helium gas, an amount that at room temperature and ordinary pressure would fill slightly more than half of a 10-gal fish tank, contains 6.022 x 1023 He atoms.

1. Given that the passage above is typical for an introductory general education science textbook, which statement best applies to you?

2. Typically, college courses require 25-30 pages or more of weekly reading throughout the semester; instructors expect students to be able to demonstrate their reading skills through written assignments and exams. Given this fact, which statement best applies to you?

Section IV: Math

1. If you were struggling in a math course, would you take advantage of the help offered by our math instructors or from our math tutors?

3. Which situation best describes your experience with math classes?

4. Please choose the grade that best reflects what you have received in math courses.

5. Which of the following best describes your ability in math courses?

6. How often do you use math in your current/past job(s)?

7. Are you confident in your ability to solve this math problem?
\( 2(3x-7) = 10x + 4 \)

8. Are you confident in your ability to solve this math problem?
Find the slope and y-intercept of
\( y = \frac{3x}{2} - 2\)

9. Are you confident in your ability to solve this math problem?
Determine the x-intercepts of the quadratic function
\(f(x) = 3x^2 + 19x -14\)

10. Are you confident in your ability to solve this math problem?
Determine the domain of the function
\(f(x) = \sqrt{2-x}\)

11. Are you confident in your ability to solve this math problem?
Give the values of the six trigonometric functions for
\( \theta = -\frac{\pi}{3}\)

12. Are you confident in your ability to solve this math problem?
Find the center and radius of the circle:
\( x^2+y^2+4x-14y+48=0 \)

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